About me

I am Andreas Bietenbeck, welcome to my webpage. I am the Medical Director of “Labor Poing”, a small medical laboratory close to Munich, Germany.

I am interested in quality control of laboratory tests. The analytical performance specification should be based on clinical need. It describes the allowed deviation of a measurement in a routine laboratory from a metrologically traceable standard. Only in this way, laboratory results describe the state of the patient and can lead to the correct diagnosis and treatment. However, this is harder than it sounds because the “Mètre des Archives” in laboratory medicine is usually not stable over time. Patient-based real-time quality control (moving average like strategies) might complement traditional quality control approaches.

I also deal with laboratory tests that are performed close to the patient. This is called point-of-care testing (POCT). Important examples include glucometers that allow patients to measure their own blood glucose levels at home. Blood gas analyzers, another POCT-device in widespread use, determine a range of analytes on-site in many intensive care units without the need to send blood samples to a central laboratory.

I also try to introduce computationally intensive methods to clinical practice. My topics encompass bioinformatics and medical informatics. I usually code in R programming language because of its great “ecosystem”.

I have created this website to better communicate my work. This is important as most of my projects are interdisciplinary. Any feedback is always welcome, please use lab [at] bietenbeck [dot] net to write me an email.